Saturday, 4 February 2012

Beat Fulham, City Stay Away From the Pursuit of Manchester United

Manchester City finished the game with a convincing victory against Fulham; 3-0. The result leaves away from the pursuit of The Citizens of Manchester United. In a match that took place at Etihad Stadium on Sunday (02/05/2012) pm dawn, the City is performing with Edin Dzeko and Aguero in attack ahead when Adam Johnson puncture of the right side of fruit violation in the penalty box.

In reruns, Johnson seemed the foot collided with the foot Chris Baird. Referee Mike Dean pointed to the spot immediately and Aguero advanced to the executioner. Aguero kick leading to the upper right corner next to Fulham goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer can be driven without. Score changed to 1-0.

The position grew to the host when the game entered the 30th minute. A cross from the left side, was received by Johnson who then proceeded to forward feedback to the Fulham goal. Unfortunately for Fulham, bait is released by Baird and Johnson instead of turning the ball into his own net. City a 2-0 lead until the first half finished.

Fulham tried to get up early in the second half. They began to dare to launch an attack to the defense of City. At the 64th minute, Baird kicks off flat to the host's goal, but Joe Hart deftly managed to block it. However, the City proves that they do not want to leave Fulham up. At minute 72, they increase the advantage to 3-0.

Aguero started the goal was by an attack from the left side. He outwit some Fulham defender, before finally giving the ball to Dzeko. Attackers numbered 10 was also direct the ball into the Fulham goal. The Cottagers have now a high mountain to climb. In the end, Fulham could not climb the mountain. City ended the match with a 3-0 victory. The results were enough to stay away from Manchester United while.

City is now firmly at the top with a value of 57 or three points ahead of the 'Red Devils'. These conditions will inevitably have an obligation to make MU win over Chelsea. Meanwhile, Fulham remain in the order of 14 with a collection of 27. Clint Dempsey et al. just seven points from the relegation zone.

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