Wednesday, 1 February 2012

David Silva Best Player in the Premier League

Yaya Toure believes the results are less satisfactory Manchester City suffered lately not because of her absence. The role of David Silva judged more crucial in the squad for the Citizens. Currently Toure is bolstering the Ivory Coast in African Nations Cup 2012. His last appearance with the City is 3-0 victory plucked from Liverpool at the beginning of last month.

Since the departure of Toure, the City began wracked inconsistencies. Roberto Mancini trained troops were eliminated Manchester United in the FA Cup and Carling Cup finals failed after losing to Liverpool in a duel over two legs. Recent negative results obtained City is a thin defeat of Everton at Goodison Park on Wednesday (1 / 2) morning earlier. As a result City is now affixed by Manchester United who both have the value 54 after beating Stoke City 2-0.

Toure believes City still persist in the Premier League title race this season for Silva, who still have a life team game. Currently the Spanish midfielder has recorded five goals and 12 assists, which makes it the highest pengkoleksi assists this season.

"I have watched games on television and naturally I feel like to help my colleagues," Toure said in the Daily Mirror. "The defeat-defeat is very painful because I wanted to win three championship titles but I think it's not because my absence. I'm not an irreplaceable," he added. "David Silva is the best player in the Premier League. No doubt, he sets us apart from United and Chelsea. A pleasure to play with him for good," said Toure. "Aguero is also a great player and it seems like we connected."

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