Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Downing Want 'Complete Success'

The success of Liverpool up to the English League Cup final was not to just bring the club a chance to end his fast. To Stewart Downing, it also gives a chance to achieve "complete success".

Liverpool have not been able to steal the championship trophy since winning the 2006 FA Cup. Famine titles can now be terminated if they beat Cardiff City in the Carling Cup final alias the English League Cup at Wembley on Monday (2/27/2012) pm dawn. Downing is also very hopeful 'The Red' come home from his first trip to Wembley since 1995 with the championship trophy. Because the 27-year-old player had a lack of good memories in the English League Cup final.

In 2004, Downing advocated Middlesbrough made ​​it to the final event and became champion by beating Bolton Wanderers. Bad luck for Downing, he did not come forward and just be a spectator on the bench. The chances are happy to fully present again in 2010 playing for Aston Villa who also reached the League Cup top of the party to face Manchester United.

Played since the beginning, Downing had to swallow disappointment. Not only he got a yellow in the 18th minute, Villa also had to accept defeat from Manchester United. "The first I was a reserve that is not revealed to Middlesbrough. I love to play, but I'm still involved," he recalled in ESPN Star.

"The second for Villa, against United - some things do not go according to our wishes. Nemanja Vidic could have been red-carded early, and we were a little unlucky that day. It would be nice if we could finish with a medal (champion), but not so in fact," continued Downing. Downing is now obviously not only hope Liverpool win over Cardiff, but he also had the opportunity to perform and deliver victory to give him a complete success. "Hopefully this time I'll be able to get it (medal winner)," said Downing.

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