Thursday, 2 February 2012

'Failed Win The League Will So Punch Large for the Manchester City'

Manchester City are now left with two competitions that can be won. However, if it fails to win the Premier League it is believed will be a big blow for the Citizens. In recent years, the City has been exerting every means to become an elite club in the English and even Europe. With the source of substantial funds from the owner, the players were brought in A quality.

Although initially promising, but the City now it was in an alarming condition. Once eliminated from the Champions League in a row David Silva et al. frozen out of the FA Cup and Carling Cup final. The defeat of Everton at Goodison Park last week's 0-1 center create greater pressure on the City. Roberto Mancini's squad now has the same value with his closest rival, Manchester United with a collection of 54 points.

In addition to the domestic level, the City does still have the Europa League trophy that can be taken. However, the tournament was considered less commensurate with their efforts in building a team that requires a very large cost. Dietmar Hamann, former City player during the period 2006-2009, assess would be a disaster if it's up to his former team failed to win. According to her, that failure will affect the psychological side of the team going forward.

"I think if they fail to win the league, psychologically it will be a big blow for them," Hamann value in the Mirror Football. "And do not forget they also eliminated from the Champions League," he continued. "They were in the group is difficult but everyone is hoping they can get away and they just failed there. Afterwards they failed to qualify for the semi-final against Liverpool in the English League Cup and frozen out of the FA Cup.

Consolation prize is the Europa League but obviously it's not that they want to win trophies with much money they spend. "" So if they do not win the league this year, I thought it would be a big blow for them and it will impact them, especially with the financial fair play that will come you do not know how they will be spending the next few years, "added the man from the German.

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