Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Rear line Chelsea Demanded Better again

Performance of Chelsea's back line this season Petr Cech made ​​a little upset. Conceded an average of 1.1 goals in game, he asked his team to play better defense.

Chelsea had just lost to Napoli in the Champions League last 16 with a score of 1-3 while competing in San Paolo, Wednesday (2/22/2012) early morning hrs earlier. Poor coordination of the back line by Cech accused the source of the team defeat Andre Villas-Boas made ​​it. Back line problem not the first time this season appears to Chlesea. Defeat the rivals Arsenal 3-5 at Stamford Bridge and 3-3 draw against Mancehester United also at home while competing in the event the Premier League to be another indication of how fragile the line behind the team's home city of London.

Had conceded a total of 42 goals from 38 games, aka 1.1 goals per game in all competitions this season is certainly not a good record for a team like Chelsea. Because the post was occupied by first-class defenders like John Terry, David Luiz, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, and Branislav Ivanovic. Therefore, no wonder if Cech asked his colleagues in the defense sector to train harder and can apply it at the time the match lasts.

"We continue to work hard in the gym, but apparently could not take it into the playing field," said Cech on Football Italia. Even so, Cech still believe that Chelsea's back line will be able to perform more beak. Why, he believes in the potential of his colleagues in the defense sector. "We still have players who are talented and will and will change it, but sooner would be better, because we are in a position not to lose points in the league," he concluded.

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