Thursday, 2 February 2012

Robin Van Persie Want to Barcelona

Arsenal's captain Robin van Persie has reportedly attracted to play with Barcelona because it could not help longing for a degree. Barcelona have one story "spartan" in the transfer market last season, when bringing Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal. Not without reason when to call it that, given the difficulties negotiating back and forth until finally the former club captain was anchored in his childhood was.

Fabregas may have forgotten the story public the Gunners, but Arsenal-Barcelona instead saga ends. According to news from El Mundo Deportivo, the current captain of Arsenal, Robin Van Persie, said to be interested enough to follow in the footsteps Fabregas.

Netherlands desires attacker was none other than for reasons of degree. In the golden age which has now stepped figure 28, the striker was very long for the trophy, and at Arsenal it is always never felt. Therefore, Van Persie was believed to have saved the option to turn to the Los Blaugrana in the summer.

Van Persie saw a former partner, Fabregas, prematurely can already won three titles since his move last summer. It is the contrast when Fabregas still shelter under Arsene Wenger. This is what Van Persie then biting instinct to keep track of the Spanish national team midfielder gait.

While Talking about Barca in the winter transfer market yesterday, they did not do a lot of maneuvering, because Pep Guardiola is already satisfied with the squad they have now. Nevertheless, reports from El Mundo Deportivo explains, contracts when Van Persie who entered the finals next June, could have made the management of Barcelona exploring the possibility to woo back the striker to unite with Fabregas.

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