Thursday, 23 February 2012

Spurs Take Victory

Tottenham Hotspur beat Arsenal's success in the first North London derby this season, in the arena league. If you go back to the Spurs will beat Arsenal recorded a double success in the league, something they had not done since 19 years ago.

Spurs started the season poorly. But Harry Redknapp's team quickly got up and listed a number of brilliant results. Two important results in creating momentum for the Lily Whites of whom are now 4-0 win over Liverpool in the week-4 and the 2-1 victory over Arsenal at the weekend to-6. Special Questioning the Arsenal result, it is a victory for-48 for the Spurs in the 149th North London derby duel in the arena league. The rest finished with 60 victories for Arsenal with 41 other games ended in a draw.

This weekend the North London duel of two teams that will be presented again in a week-26 game Premier League. North London derby to-150 in the league will be held at the headquarters of Arsenal at the Emirates on Sunday (2/26/2012). With one meeting already won this season, Spurs are now lured back nicks double when Arsenal beat. For the record, the last time Spurs can record in the league double over the Gunners are the 1992-93 season, aka 19 years ago.

The unique, double notch Spurs over Arsenal before it happened in a span of 19 years, the 1973-74 season. Spurs fans one should not maintain optimism because now also has 19 years have passed since the last successful double Spurs over Arsenal in the league - like marking a periodic cycle. Spurs had a total pack of six double victory over Arsenal in the league, both the Premier League and length format, since the season 1909/1910.

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