Monday, 27 February 2012

Tevez must be ready to substitute

Carlos Tevez is a matter of days before making a comeback with Manchester City. But with the players ahead of The Citizens are now diligently to make goals, he should be ready to be a bench warmer. The results of the last few games show how the line City striker Roberto Mancini's sharp-sharp in the middle of the opponent's penalty box. In three games back, nine goals successfully collected the Citizens, where most of the players are created next.

Mario Balotelli, Edin Dzeko and Sergio Aguero scored contributor City so when a 3-0 win over Blackburn rovers. While it frustrate FC Porto 4-0, Aguero and Dzeko also listed his name on the scoreboard, plus two others from the ranks of midfielder David Silva and David Pizarro. A similar condition occurs when the City on a visit to FC Porto. Aguero when it's back to make a goal, with one other goal is suicide opposing players.

With such conditions, Tevez may have to be patient to get back to being a starter in the City. Mancini is almost certain to pick players who are good performance, rather than Tevez did not undergo long-competitive matches. "I think we never lose three strikers on the pitch (at the same time), so there is always a competition there. Now with Carlos again, he will add to the long list of queues," said coach David Platt City.

"When we have all the players in keaadaan fit and can be played, we will have players sitting on the bench, which occurs also in a lot of teams in the Premier League," he said in the Daily Mail. When Tevez will be played until now no certainty of Mancini. But the so-called Platt, Argentine striker initially projected to fall to face Swansea on 10 March next, even though the plan has now been canceled due to the physical condition of the striker deemed not 100%.

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