Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thierry Henry Ask for Arsenal Fans Remain Optimistic

Thierry Henry believes Arsenal will rise from the bad moments like when sheared four goals without reply by AC Milan in the Champions League. Thierry Henry Arsenal fans remain optimistic asking after their beloved club shaved four goals without reply away to AC Milan headquarters.

"Even the previous generation that won the Double Winners in 1998 or 1971, they had bad moments. So what would I say to fans: Do not forget that," said Henry, whose term had expired lending at Arsenal, the Arsenal player. "It is not always beautiful and sweet, you must remember that we have a moment where we want to go home at the end of the game. Difference lies in how this team reacts and I think this team can do it."

"We realized it would be very hard work, but who knows? Face Sunderland game was close so Arsenal had to come and win." "You have to remember that you have passed the moments are not always good." "If you Arsenal fan then you are a Arsenal fan, it was so. Once being a Gunner you will always be a Gunner, you can not change."

"I can not talk about a family who supports Arsenal forever. But I'm sure if you talk to their parents and their parents, they will tell you that you should enjoy this generation because they also have a bitter moment." "I'm sure fans will understand that they must stay on the team. We must all stick together because that's when the team win, as well as the team suffered a defeat."

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