Sunday, 5 February 2012

Three Goals Chelsea Foiled By Javier Hernandez

Manchester United managed to force a 3-3 draw despite lagging score three goals at home to Chelsea earlier. Manchester United survived a major defeat when they travel to Chelsea on the headquarters of the English Premier League continued on Sunday (5/2) evening.

Three points are actually within reach of Chelsea after they were capable of winning three goals in the second half. What power, following the United slowly and managed to equalize at the end of the game. Gary Cahill perform at the core of Chelsea's squad in place of John Terry is sidelined through injury. Meanwhile, Ashley Young and Wayne Rooney displayed again and become a mainstay of United's attack with Danny Welbeck.

Throughout the first 20 minutes of the game, both teams measure their respective strengths. Much more ball possession controlled United. Two opportunities are created when Young fell in the battle for the ball with Jose Bosingwa and Welbeck when fouled Cahill. Both are not considered a violation by referee Howard Webb. 36 minutes, Chelsea broke the deadlock. Daniel Sturridge is able to pass Patrice Evra on the left of defense. Bait is released into the body's center hit the turn as Jonny Evans. David De Gea was unable to prevent the ball nestled in the net because it reacts with the extended leg.

One goal advantage quickly doubled as soon as the second round begins. Fernando Torres's cross was met by a volley accurately Juan Mata. More complete disaster for United when in the 50th minute David Luiz continued feedback eyes free kick for a goal. The ball changed direction since Rio Ferdinand hit the shoulder and lodged in the upper left corner of goalkeeper De Gea. United got a penalty when Webb had given eight minutes later. Sturridge guilty of dropping Evra was indicted in a restricted area. Rooney finished with a steady job as an executioner. 69 minutes, United's back attenuate behind. Again through a penalty. This time the offense is committed against Welbeck Branislav Ivanovic. Again, Rooney also managed to run a job well done.

United finally able to equalize in the 84th minute. Hard kick Rooney could still be prevented Petr Cech. Ryan Giggs controlled the ball on the left and crossed off in the direction of Javier Hernandez. Without escort mean, who is familiarly called Chicharito striker managed to beat Cech. Chelsea had the opportunity to restore the lead. Unfortunately, De Gea performed brilliantly to block a free kick in the eye and hard shot Cahill. Both teams should be satisfied with the results as strong, 3-3.

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