Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wayne Rooney is Manchester United's Hero

Luis Suarez refused to shake hands, chaotic between players in the tunnel at halftime, two quick goals and Wayne Rooney. Drama Old Trafford between Manchester United and Liverpool eventually won by the hosts 2-1 in the advanced position of the English Premier League on Saturday (11/2) evening.

Match atmosphere imbued with tension and hostility Luis Suarez Patrice Evra. Suarez has just finished serving any eight games after insulting Evra at the meeting of two teams at Anfield in October. Tensions heat up even before the game had started. As he walked to greet United players, Suarez refused to accept a helping hand Evra, who acted as team captain, and turned directly to David De Gea at his side. Evra Suarez grabbed his arm, but the Uruguay striker was immediately pulled his hand again. As if in reply, Rio Ferdinand refused to shake hands with Suarez.

When the game starts, Suarez back "acting up". In a struggle for the ball, movement collided with Suarez led Ferdinand Evra. The incident was not an offense, but unfortunately Liverpool failed to capitalize on the opportunities empty United's defense as Steven Gerrard too heavily pursued by Suarez. Liverpool to dictate the game in the first round. They are so dominant midfield with Jordan Henderson's success and Gerrard keep the rhythm. Their best chance is generated when Glen Johnson ran menyerong from the right wing into the middle of the penalty box. Johnson left foot shot inches wide of goalkeeper De Gea.

United gained the opportunity to respond through Wayne Rooney. Free-standing without escort, releases Rooney header that leads right to Pepe Reina. Reflexively, Reina is able to confront the ball. Position to a goalless draw until the first half ended. In the tunnel toward the locker room, players of both teams reportedly had an argument. Chaos lasted five minutes until finally the security forces intervened they broke it up.

Match the increasing tension is apparently able to be utilized United after the break. Only in five minutes, the hosts ahead thanks to two quick goals scored by Rooney. The first goal occurred the 47th minute when Rooney completed the free-kick by Ryan Giggs corner from close range. Then, 50 minutes, Rooney's cross to break Danny Welbeck scored the ball in between legs Reina to double United's advantage.

After conceding two quick goals, Liverpool difficulty developing the game. Rarely do they get the opportunity to test the ability of De Gea. Gerrard even seemed to play into that too rarely helps when the team up to attack. Kenny Dalglish tried to add a pounding by entering a team in a row Andy Carroll, Craig Bellamy, and Charlie Adam. The result obtained in the 81st minute when Ferdinand Suarez capitalized on a mistake in securing a free kick Adam. The ball dropped in front of Suarez and without error to beat De Gea scored his first goal after the escape from sanctions.

The goal proved to be the only effort to Liverpool in trouble United. Johnson earned the last chance, but his hard shot from outside the box is brilliant ditip into the goal by De Gea. This victory puts United on top while the Premier League standings with 58 points. Their nearest rivals, Manchester City will compete next Sunday against Aston Villa.

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