Sunday, 11 March 2012

Arsene Wenger: Four Position Assurance Not Appear In Champions League

Qualification to the Champions League group phase is no longer a mere formality. Arsene Wenger, as the judge finished fourth in the Premier League is no longer a guarantee for participation in the Champions League stage. UEFA did provide rations for the top four English Premier League clubs to compete in the event terelite European club, but only three automatic berths into the group phase, while the top four teams must pass through the play-off qualification alias first.

With the balance of power more evenly in the Blue Continent football, Wenger considers qualifying round first only a formality now increasingly difficult to pass. "Looking at the quality in Europe, which continues to increase, the British team which was so difficult. I have felt it since a few years ago," said the Professor told The Mirror.

"First qualifying round merely a formality, but not anymore. With Udinese [against Arsenal in Champions League play-offs this season] we had two tough games, they are the top teams in Serie A." For this reason, Wenger also set a target of finishing in the top three zones for the Gunners this season. However, the four positions remain to be secured first. "I'll make the best and know that I am ready to fight," said the French manager.

"For now the top three still held Tottenham. It will depend on consistency." "We have a tough schedule, they have theirs, and I think we first have to ensure safety first four ranks," said Wenger. Arsenal, who had just eliminated AC Milan 4-3 on aggregate in 16 of the Champions League, is now within four points behind Spurs and Chelsea have the same value on the order of five English Premier League table, but they will play a new game-28 last week to counter Newcastle.

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