Friday, 9 March 2012

Bale: I am Not Diving

Tottenham Hotspur player Gareth Bale mainstay assert diving. Bale defended himself by saying that the reason he fell was to avoid injury. Bale was undergoing a great season with the Spurs. Wales winger has become one of the pillars and successful player carrying his team perched on the top three standings. Concerning the quality, skill possessed no doubt Bale. Footballer born July 16, 1989 it has scored 10 goals in 29 appearances this season.

Despite its appearance more captivating, Bale has been criticized as a player that's easy to fall. Iu allegations emerged a few weeks ago when Bale looks to associate her legs to get a penalty against Arsenal although manager Harry Redknapp defended. Bale, again resulted in a penalty for Spurs against Stevenage in the FA Cup match yesterday. However, the player insists he is not a diver and just want to protect themselves from potential injury due to violations of the opposite

"If people want to say I'm diving then go ahead, but I'm trying to get out of it and save me, save my career," proclaimed kelit Bale as Sky Sports. "It's quite annoying (when people say I'm diving) but when you want to manage you, you will try to dodge. If you stay there, you will get hit hard."

"You can see why people say you are diving but I choose to dodge rather than hurt, just that alone. This is football, a full-body contact sport, things can happen and you should try to smart deal." "I'm more to try to avoid it and not hurt, rather than hurt. I do not mean diving," said Bale.

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