Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dirk Kuyt warns Kenny Dalglish

Dirk Kuyt reveals nervous breakdown back in order to perform regularly with the team. Dirk Kuyt warned manager Kenny Dalglish about the possibility of him leaving Anfield if they do not get a chance to appear regularly with the core team. Kuyt is more often started the game off the bench this season, scoring four goals in all competitions. Despite claiming he could stay with Liverpool, it is possible he would go if forced.

"I want to play in every game. Very disappointing if I can not play, such as the League Cup final, "said Kuyt told the Mirror. "As long as I can play as much as I want, then I feel happy. But if at the time I did not play many games anymore, maybe I'll make another decision. But for now do not. " "Physically, I feel very good. I've never felt this strong, and ready to play in every game. This is simply just a matter of convincing the manager that he voted for me than ever before. "

Kuyt also insisted Liverpool have increased after a League Cup winners, and they believed would be a huge threat next season. Liverpool have never surrendered to penetrate the top four this season. "We feel we are going to build something special. We can do much next season. But we're still in this season, and still have a chance, "said Kuyt. "You could say we are inconsistent, even had no luck. We have to keep playing, but the [start] to take any chances we created, and the signal was already in the game against Everton and Stoke. "

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