Sunday, 11 March 2012

Everton beat Tottenham Hotspur

Nikica Jelavic goal to make Tottenham should receive third successive defeat in the Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur again forced to swallow defeat, this time they were conquered by the score 1-0 with Everton at Goodison Park early this morning (11/03).

The game started with the tempo of mediocrity, acquired by Tottenham's first chance in the 15th minute. Jermain Defoe escaped the offside trap to get into the Everton penalty box, as if going to kick, John Heitinga successfully repulsed by the Dachshund. Defoe protested and asked for a penalty but Mark Hasley see the Dachshund is not a violation. It seems to make more vibrant Everton, Everton then threatened Marouane Fellaini volley which successfully pushed so hard by Brad Friedel with his legs. In minute 22, Everton are able to master the midfield with five midfielders them, managed to score through Nikica Jelavic flick, utilizing feedback from Leon Osman.

After these goals, Tottenham seemed unable to give a positive reaction. In addition to long-range shot Gareth Bale, squad Harry Redknapp rarely threatened goalkeeper Tim Howard. In contrast to the almost doubled Everton equalize through Royston Drenthe and also Jelavic almost scored his second goal from a free kick. In the second half, Tottenham game looks improved. They managed to dominate the game even though the Spurs are not able to score a lot of scoring opportunities.

The new golden opportunity to come after Rafael van der Vaart entered by Redknapp, Tottenham managed Defoe scored with a flick that is not able to anticipate Howard, but unfortunately the England striker was in an offside position so the referee annulled a goal. After that, Van der Vaart tries his luck with long distance shots, but turned the ball because of the Everton defender, so only generate a corner kick. Tottenham finally failed to score equalizing position so that the position remained 1-0 until the long whistle sounded by the referee.

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