Sunday, 8 April 2012

Manchester United more firmly on top

Manchester United took full points at home to enlarge the chance to win the Premier League this season. Manchester United is not difficult to achieve full points at home to Queen's Park Rangers. Playing at Old Trafford, Manchester United won with a score of 2-0 with a goal created by Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes. For now, Manchester United pocketed 79 points, left the City in second place with 71 points. There were Manchester United benefited from referee Lee Mason's decision to issue a red card for Shaun Derry in the 14th minute.

QPR player was red carded for violating Ashley Young is trying to catch the ball. The decision was quite controversial given Young the ball in an offside position before Derry violated. In addition, Derry also minimal contact with Young. But Mason had dropped the decision and Manchester United were superior in the number of players from the minute 14. Mason also gave a penalty to Manchester United for a foul in the box Derry fitting 12. Rooney, who ran as the executor had no trouble chipped the ball to the goalkeeper Paddy Kenny.

Manchester United also did not see much threat from QPR in the remaining first round matches. In fact the home side continued to press, despite failing to increase the advantage. New to United's advantage 68 minutes to grow. Veteran midfielder Scholes to kick off the scoring with a hull that is not able to face Kenny. With this result, QPR are in danger of relegation as only pocketed 28 points, equal with the acquisition of Rovers and Wigan Athletic Balckburn which ranks 18 and 19, and only on goal difference.

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