Monday, 9 April 2012

Mark Hughes no longer believe the Referee

Mark Hughes disappointed by referee Lee Mason's leadership. Mark Hughes a strong protest against the leadership of referee Lee Mason is considered to affect the Queens Park Rangers 2-0 defeat of Manchester United.

Mason gives a penalty to Manchester United in the 14th minute after Shaun Derry down Ashley Young in a restricted area. Not only that, the court also cast Derry from the field by giving him a red card. QPR squad furious over the decision because the judge had in fact Young is in the off-side position. "There should be confidence in the referee will give a number of key decisions in the game. Unfortunately, many managers are beginning to lose confidence," Hughes said after the game.

"We were really disappointed with the performance of most of the match referee. There are big decisions that affect the game. No key decisions are made​​, unfortunately." "Obviously it's off-side and contacts to a minimum. He's too easy to fall. I felt the referee blew the whistle too soon. I think he did not stop things considered, the penalty is given even before the assistant raised his flag."

"It's a daunting task, you must be 100 percent sure the decisions you make. I think there are guessing and hoping it's the right decision. That's what happened today." "They actually had no intention of giving the wrong decision, but for now it should be a higher level." Wayne Rooney was successful using a penalty and Manchester United sealed victory with a goal by Paul Scholes in the second round.

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