Saturday, 7 April 2012

Roberto Mancini: I was going to be fired

Roberto Mancini spent £ 240 million to build Manchester City, and now threatened failed to win the Premier League title. Roberto Mancini said he was going to be fired next summer, although Manchester City to successfully build a strong team this season. "I left Inter Milan after winning seven trophies, and still under contract for four years," said Mancini. "It is a testament in football anything can happen quickly. In the title race, for example, everything could change in a week," he continued. Manchester City are now left behind five points behind Manchester United, with each of the remaining seven games. Manchester City lost many points, while Manchester United won many important points.

Mancini said the Manchester city experienced tremendous progress in the last two years. However, he said, there are no titles that can be obtained. "I've done the best in two years, but the club needs the Premier League title," said Mancini. Like Manchester United, Manchester City have only one chance to end this season with the title, which is in the Premier League. Failure would be very painful for either of them. Since the deal with Manchester City, December 2009, Mancini spent £ 240 million for the player spending. And he brought in players who alter the performance of the club and make Manchester City the candidate won.

Manchester City are still involved in the battle won, but the club began to question his future. When asked if he was treated unfairly by the club, Mancini replied: "It does not matter." "I'm still leaves one-year contract. When I took the job training Manchester City, I know what I would face if 'deemed' to fail," said Mancini. The most important thing when dealing with a new team is, according to Mancini, how much progress is obtained. If the club is progressing rapidly but did not produce the title, the club management that will decide the fate of the coach.

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