Monday, 9 April 2012

Roberto Mancini upset with Mario Balotelli

Roberto Mancini will not play again Mario Balotelli for the rest of the season Manchester City. Roberto Mancini seems to be losing patience with Mario Balotelli temperament that can never be regulated.

Balotelli received a second yellow card when Manchester City beat Arsenal 1-0 in the Premier League on Sunday (8/4) evening. Cards accepted at the end of the game is relatively not much matter to the City experienced the game, but at least Balotelli attitudes affect team focus in hunt for league title this season. "For Sale? Possibly, but I do not know. Depending because Balotelli is a good player. We wanted 11 players, but with Balotelli we always run the risk that haunts him the red card," said Mancini told reporters. "There are still six games left and he never played in six games." Mancini then went on warning against Balotelli.

"I've finished with it today. I like him personally, I like him as a player, I know, he's not a bad guy, he's a fantastic player, but now I am very sorry that he continue to lose talent and quality," he continued. "I hope he understands his own future behavior is dangerous and he could change. Maybe I agree Mario will continue like this, but I always wished he could change." "Mario is young, 21 years old, and I understand if you're young, you make a mistake. Many people who make mistakes. I look forward to him, not for me, that he could change."

Mancini felt Balotelli should have received a red card for a tackle sooner did to Alex Song at the beginning of the game. The manager even support the FA sanctions aftershocks through video games. "Mario is Mario. He made a mistake because it was young and did not understand. He is also a player who scored two goals when we beat Manchester United 6-1. Mario also is a penalty in the second last match against Tottenham Hotspur," said Mancini.

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